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I recently signed up to Fat Llama, a new peer-to-peer rental service which lets you rent out your things (fully-insured) to others nearby.  The service has been described as ‘Airbnb for stuff’ – while the core items available are in the categories of camera and audio equipment, you can borrow anything from a hedge trimmer to a professional drone.

As a videographer and photographer, I can see it being a very useful service to save money and earn extra income. For example, if I need an expensive piece of equipment such as a drone or camera stabiliser for a shoot, I can significantly save money compared to using traditional rental shops. It also has the potential to become another revenue stream, instead of my equipment being sat on the shelf in between shoots, it could be earning me money.

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Whilst i’m lending out my equipment, it’s fully insured with Fat Llama, so if anything were to happen, my equipment is covered. After signing up, users are required to become verified with an email address, phone number and photo ID before they are able to start hiring or lending. There are also ratings and reviews, which increases the trust between users, in a similar way to eBay.

Recently, I was excited to get a booking request and I hired out an item for the first time over a weekend – my Zoom H4N Audio Recorder with accessories. Overall it was an easy and pleasant experience, with no issues and 5-star reviews exchanged. It’s a great way to meet other users who work in film and photography, and hear stories of their projects, which is something I enjoy as it feels good to be part of a community of creators.

One thing that I think would improve the service is an app, which I understand is on the way. Currently users get an email and SMS notification when another user messages or requests to book an item. An app would make it much easier to receive notifications and keep track of rentals.

I fully recommend the service and believe that the sharing economy is going to be the future of ownership. Fat Llama is offering a referral scheme as an incentive to try out the service. If you sign up with my link, you’ll get £25 credit towards your first rental – why not become a Lama and join the herd today!

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