On tour with acoustic folk duo Govardo

Govardo busking by the river in Stratford Upon Avon being applauded by a group of French college students

Earlier in the year I was offered the exciting opportunity to go on tour with acoustic folk duo Govardo, who offer a unique busking tour experience in the UK, Europe and beyond. The boys behind the band, Jack Rose and Dominik Sky, asked me to join them on their adventure and capture their live shows and special moments, as they play their sets of original songs and covers. The last couple of weeks has been a warm up of sorts, before they head to the south of France, playing several places in the south of the UK, which has included Stratford Upon Avon, Oxford, Winchester and Canterbury.

Govardo in Stratford Upon Avon

The time in the UK has been incredibly useful for gaining experience and preparing for the months ahead, from figuring out the vibe of the live shows, to testing out camera equipment such as the Sony A7S II, which has produced some amazing 4K footage. The shallow depth of field using the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 lens gives a film like quality that really gels with the vibe of Govardo’s music and has been a treat to shoot with. I have also been using a variety of sound capturing techniques including a Zoom H4N microphone, experimenting with a Rode Videomic Pro and recording directly from the Bose sound system.

Finally we have been trying out live video streams, which are intended to be an exciting and integral part of the tour, and are a first time experience for myself and for the band.

Who knows where the tour will take us, the band’s motto is ‘follow the sun’ which means checking the weather each day to see which places are due to have sunshine, and then off we go. Govardo started as a shared venture in India almost a year ago to the day, and has grown with a following on social media that is only getting stronger. Their goal is to build an online community of followers, fans and sun chasers that will congregate wherever the mood takes them, from the big cities to an intimate live music experience in the heart of nature. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be helping them achieve this goal, and a truly special experience to see them perform. From my vantage point as videographer, a particular joy is watching and capturing crowd reactions, and seeing first hand the power that music can have. Govardo have a magnetism that can draw large crowds wherever they start to play, and it is wonderful to see the beauty of music in action; it can make someones day, change someones life and stop people in their tracks. People have often stopped just to appreciate a beautiful voice, a unique sound, or a resonating lyric.

The tour is soon starting on it’s mainland European leg, and I will be posting semi-regular updates as I go, so stay tuned for snippets of video and more posts about my experiences with Govardo. For those of you interested, you can follow Govardo’s journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and I will be posting behind the scenes updates on my Instagram and Twitter also. I am also available on email for any band enquiries, please use the form on the contact page.

Looking forward to hearing your comments and continuing the adventure. #followthesun

All the best


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  1. Work and play combined thats living the dream. looking forward to following the rest of your journey.

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