In Conversation With Iain Aitchison (Longwell Records)

LP In Conversation With is a new podcast, where I chat with artists, musicians and small business owners who inspire me. I talk with them about what they do, their experiences and their creative journey, from where they started to where they are today.

In this episode I chat to Iain Aitchison, owner of Longwell Records in Keynsham. Iain started the business in November 2015 as an online store and opened his first shop on Keynsham High Street in April 2016.

Longwell Records has grown to be a very popular and well respected record shop, attracting a community of music lovers, both locally and online through social media. In 2018, Longwell Records was runner up in the UK’s Best Small Shop competition and Iain proudly received the award at the House of Commons.

Longwell Records began when Iain turned his love of music, and of buying and selling records, into opening the shop, which he says he never dreamed would happen. In our conversation he talks about how he previously worked as a drugs counsellor for the NHS, caring for people with Class A drug addictions, and how he believes this has helped him know how to engage with people in the shop and in everyday life.

Over the last few years, quite a few big name artists have visited the shop, including Razorlight, Jade Bird and Amber Run, playing gigs in-store and over the road at The Space venue. Iain also champions and supports up-and-coming local artists by promoting their records and offering the opportunity for playing gigs in-store.

We chat about how his business has adapted to the challenging times over the last year, including a vinyl delivery service by bike, Deliveroo style. Iain chooses his top five favourite new artists and exclusively reveals a potential career in acting on the horizon.

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Original music and audio editing by Lloyd Edwards Music.
Podcast artwork by Andrew Cox Design.

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