In Conversation With Dani Cook

Photo of artist Dani Cook.

LP In Conversation With is a new podcast, where I chat with artists, musicians and small business owners who inspire me. I talk with them about what they do, their experiences and their creative journey, from where they started to where they are today.

In this episode I chat to Dani Cook from Fully Fledged Art. Dani is a passionate bird artist creating eco-friendly prints and gifts. Her work is colourful, vibrant and super detailed and she’s on a mission to inspire others with a love of nature.

Dani started her business Fully Fledged Art to combine her passion for birds and drawing. Creating unique, eco-friendly prints and gifts, using a mix of hand-drawn fine detail pen, ink and watercolour pencils, combined with digital illustration.

Dani’s lifelong love of birds comes from a childhood growing up in the Lake District and she continued drawing birds whilst studying art and design courses and college and university.

Her latest work focuses on bringing awareness to endangered bird species on the red list in the UK, with a series of illustrated prints highlighting extinction facts.

We chat about how Dani has adapted to self employment during the lockdowns over the past year, new found hobbies that have been keeping her busy and how her latest work is helping to bring awareness to endangered birds and conservation.

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Music and audio editing by Lloyd Edwards.
Podcast artwork by Andrew Cox.

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