On tour with Govardo – Return to Lille

govardo standing in central lille

We returned to Lille in France, with the plan to film some further live busking videos. The guys were feeling happy about being back in the city that had given them such a warm reception and positive vibes.

They attracted a huge crowd the last time they played in front of the steps to Opéra de Lille at Place du Théâtre, a bustling square in the heart of Lille, so this was the spot they had chosen to film the second set of live sessions. It was to be the last couple of days of the busking tour in Europe before we returned to the UK, so it was important for us to complete the filming we had planned.

It was high noon on a Friday as we approached the square and we felt like cowboys (or at least I did!) People were going about their day as usual, on lunch breaks, tourists sitting on the steps outside the Opéra de Lille, unaware of the live performance was about to happen. It felt like I was now part of a flash mob of sorts, in that the band would pop up in different locations in a guerrilla-style, quickly set up their equipment and start to play. I had already seen the incredible responses they had been getting, so I was anticipating a big performance. They are artists, transforming public spaces by sharing their music in a spontaneous moment in time, creating a communion and connecting with people on the street who gather to watch them perform.

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With the filming on this day, it felt like everything we had discussed, rehearsed and experimented with in terms of camera settings and filming cues had come together for this moment. We were also lucky with the glorious weather and crowds. The video below is an original song, Queen of Camouflage, filmed in 4K with the Sony A7S II, the high quality sound is captured through a multi-channel mixer and into a laptop.

It was a hot day and after an hour or so filming with the Sony A7S II, the camera started to have problems with overheating so we decided to do a live stream. This went very well and I managed to capture some great moments of crowd reactions, such as the delightful sight of toddlers dancing joyously or couples sharing a romantic moment. A lot of love and positive energy was felt between the band and the crowd as you can see in the video below. This was the longest live stream on the tour (over an hour) and reached over 4000 views on Facebook.

I felt a sense of euphoria after the show was over, adrenalin and emotions were running high. I was happy and relieved that we had managed to get two live sessions filmed in Koblenz and Lille and it felt like it was mission accomplished for my role on the tour. Overall for the six weeks or so I was away on tour I was living my dream, combining travel with video work and it was a truly valuable experience, during which I learnt some new techniques and honed my skills.

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This autumn, Govardo embarked on a UK and European tour of concert venues, supporting the globally successful band Hang Massive, who create a beautiful sound with hang drums. Check out this promotional video they made for the tour, featuring footage and testimonials we filmed in the summer. I love the intro animation and I think they did a great job on grading the footage and mastering the audio. Tickets to their shows are available on their website, get some while you can through Govardo’s website.

The series of live videos will be released by the band over the duration of their autumn tour – subscribe to their YouTube channel to catch the latest videos as soon as they are released.

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